WOW: Battle for Azeroth is Live, Login Issue (Update)

Blizzard had officially launched the new update for WOW named Battle for Azeroth, which you may or may not be able to play right now given the server is facing logging issues at the moment.
People already logged in can play while others are facing troubles doing so and remains stuck at the login screen.
WOW Login Screen
Some of the user who did get in reported how they were unable to see their characters, but this is just a small problem as the people are rushing to the server to play.
The Blizzard has already acknowledged this problem on their Customer Support Twitter Account, “We’re currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts.”
Though it’s unclear how long it will take, we know that it is surely been dealt with.

Launch Timing

Leaving the problems aside and talking about the good stuff, what can one hope with the new update.
Battle of Azeroth adds another new chapter to the story for people to fight their way through, and
it is important to know at what time would it be available at your time zone:
Battle of Azeroth was released globally for WOW on 13th August.
In the western hemisphere,the expansion launches through the afternoon and into the evening.
In eastern hemisphere it gets released overnight and into the morning, depending on the specific location.
Here’s exactly when it launches:

    • August 13


  • 3:00 PM PT
  • 6:00 PM ET
  • 7:00 PM BRT
  • 11:00 PM BST
    • August 14


  • 12:00 AM CEST
  • 1:00 AM MSK
  • 6:00 AM CST
  • 7:00 AM KST
  • 8:00 AM AEST


In the Battle for Azeroth, the Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner is marching towards the Darnassus.
Depending on player’s faction, they can side with either Stormwind or the Undercity for the oncoming fight and play their role in it.

Small Changes

The level cap have also been increased to 120.
A new bounty feature is added which lets you make fortune by tracking and taking down other players which have bounties on their heads(Seriously, What else do we need?).
Becoming an Assassin for hire increases your infamy level and thus increases your chances of showing up on that bounty board one day. Keep working hard and the day might come when you wouldn’t just be feared but hunted.

War Mode

This new update changes the old very hated (argumentatively) World PvP system and all servers are now PvE.
However, upon returning to the capital city you can toggle War mode on or off and delve into the PvP/PvE experience.
The War mode provides player extra experience gain while leveling and rewards in the end game.


The new Community feature allow players to join as many groups as they like and play with like-minded people.
Unlike the guild feature, players are not bound to any of these groups and can easily organize friends or members in one place without having the need to be on the same server.

Loot Changes

In the Battle of Azeroth pre-patch. All loot regardless of activity, is now individual loot and thus won’t have to be divided by a Council or single GM.
If anything drops for the player, it goes directly into the inventory.

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