Chess Grandmaster

Chess Grandmaster

A online chess game for everyone: from beginners to experts! Choose between 3 difficulty modes, or directly pick from over 1100+ challenges to solve within a limited set of moves!Game by Gamezop.

How to Play Chess Online?

  1. Set up the board: Place the chessboard between you and your opponent with a white square in the bottom right corner. Each player should have their own set of pieces, with the white pieces set up on the first and second rows, and the black pieces set up on the seventh and eighth rows.
  2. Decide who goes first: Usually, white goes first, but you can also flip a coin or use any other method to determine who goes first.
  3. Move a piece: On your turn, you can move one of your pieces to a different square on the board, following the rules for how each piece can move.
  4. Capture an opponent’s piece: If you move your piece to a square occupied by an opponent’s piece, you can capture their piece by removing it from the board.
  5. Check and checkmate: The ultimate goal of the game is to put your opponent’s king in a position where it is threatened with capture, which is called “check.” If the king is in check and there is no legal move to get out of check, the game is over and the player in checkmate loses.
  6. End the game: The game can also end in a draw if both players agree, or if certain conditions are met, such as a stalemate (where the player whose turn it is to move has no legal move).

These are just the basics of chess, and there are many more rules and strategies to learn as you become more experienced. Good luck and have fun playing!

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