Who is Guilty in the Council Chamber?

As you explore Losomn in Remnant II, you may stumble upon the Council Chamber area. Inside, you’ll find three Fae Council members who inform you that one is a traitor, but none of them are willing to admit their wrongdoing. This tasks you to set out and recover some evidence–the Assassin’s Dagger, in particular–that will implicate the betrayer.

Here’s how to find out who is guilty in the Council Chamber.

How to find which Fae Council member is guilty

The first step to discovering the traitor is to accept the quest to do so from the Council members themselves. After a chat, continue through this area of Losomn until you eventually come across a mirror you can pass through near the end of the map. This will take you to the Council Tribunal map, which is a mirrored version of the Council Chamber area you just left.

When you arrive at the Council Tribunal location, make your way through the map until you once again reach the chamber where you first met the Fae Council. There won’t be anyone here in this dark version of the room, but you’ll find that the massive door behind the three seats remains closed until you solve a puzzle.

Approach each of the seats to notice that the colorful sigil keys on the pillars beneath them can be removed and replaced. It may seem random at first glance, but if you look down through the floor into the mirrored world, you’ll see that the correct order of the sigil keys is shown to you. Take all three sigil keys from the pillars and then line them up in the correct order. Once you’ve done this, the door will open and you can enter the Council Tribunal room.

If you’re unsuccessful in solving the puzzle, you can try again later or ask one of the Fae Council members for help. However, if you’re able to solve the puzzle, you’ll know which Fae Council member is guilty and can take action accordingly.

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