Where To Find The Mammoth Pistol In Fortnite And How It Works

The Mammoth Pistol can be found on the ground, in standard chests and Holo-Chests, and even in flying drones. In other words, if you’re wanting to use this powerful pistol, you shouldn’t have any issues rounding one up in most matches.

If you score a Mammoth Pistol, be prepared to dish out substantial damage at the expense of fire rate. This deadly gun is extremely accurate–even at long ranges–and deals a lot of hurt to anyone you land a shot on, but it also can only fire once before needing to be reloaded. Due to this slow fire rate, the Mammoth Pistol works best as an alternative to a sniper or marksman rifle at medium-to-long distances, or as an opener at closer ranges to break an enemy’s shield before swapping to another gun to finish them off. We’d recommend bringing along an SMG or shotgun for this reason specifically, as it could be tough to get out of a close-quarters battle with just this pistol unless you’re skilled or lucky enough to land two headshots, perhaps.

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