Unlocking the Star Eagle in Starfield: Your Ticket to Free Space Travel

So you wanna snag the Star Eagle ship in Starfield, huh? Well, it’s one of the few rides you can score without breaking the bank. Here’s how you can get your mitts on this sweet medium-sized vessel.

Joining the Freestar Collective

First things first, you gotta cozy up to the Freestar Collective. They hang out in Akila City on some planet in the Cheyenne System. Getting there ain’t a cakewalk – you’ll need to follow the main storyline until you reach the city itself. Once you’re there, watch out for bank robbers with a dude named Sam Coe. This encounter’s your golden ticket to joining the Collective.

Emma Wilcox and the Gang

The city’s Marshall will nudge you in the right direction – straight to Rock Bar. Emma Wilcox is the go-to person for joining the Freestars. To win their trust, take on any small mission from a terminal in the area. Once they see you’re no slacker, you’ll be in the club.

Adventure Time

Now comes the fun part. Emma and the Marshall will load you up with missions to prove your mettle. Complete “Surgical Strike” and “On The Run” to seal the deal. As a bonus, you’ll score a cool outfit that screams “Freestar Ranger” and a badass cowboy hat.

The Star Eagle: Your Prize

Finally, your hard work pays off. You’ll get your mitts on the Star Eagle – a top-tier ship in Starfield. It can carry up to 5 crew members, packs a ton of cargo space, and shields to make you feel invincible.

Just remember, there are no cargo shields, so be mindful of snoopy folks trying to scan your ship for contraband. Happy space adventures! 🚀🌌

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