Top 10 best Action Games of 2022

Here is our gaming list of best action games of 2022.

Monster Hunter Rise

The sixth mainline installment in the Monster Hunter series, the game differs itself from previous installments with gameplay that specially focuses on vertical movement and scaling. Through this specified focus, it changed how Monster Hunter games are normally played and Rise became one of the most streamed games on Twitch.

Dying Light

From the creators of Dead Island comes a thrilling survival experience that have won over 50 awards and nominations. As players explore a vast open world with a horde of zombies around every corner, Dying Light have players continually running from an unstoppable force that never stops.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

One of the best recent remasters, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has just about everything you could ask for in a remastered package. From thrilling battles to epic storytelling to updated graphics and gameplay that runs smoothly than ever before players are able to replay the epic space series that defined a generation of narrative gaming.


One of the most difficult games on the list, GTFO throws players into an environment filled with gripping suspense to explosive action in a heartbeat. As players are forced to work together in order to complete objectives and survive a horde of unspeakable creatures, the game tests players teamwork and bravery in ways they won’t expect.

Escape from Tarkov

One of the most unique entries on this list, comes a PC shooter that is still in closed beta with no official release date in sight. Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer first-person shooter that is earning a reputation for ultra-realistic gameplay and graphics. With about 14 million hours streamed on Twitch and Youtube, instantly makes this game one of the most popular action games of the year.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Set 15 years after Dying Light, the sequel improves everything that made the first entry great from an improved combat system that is backed up with over 3,000 new animations to a vast open featuring an intricate day and night cycle. In addition, the sequel focuses on a dynamic narrative where every choice changes how the game is played, giving players a unique thrilling experience with every playthrough.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door is a delightfully charming game that is filled to the brim with action-packed combat. Both players and critics alike praise the game’s imaginative setting, solid gameplay mechanics, and overall experience, making this one of the most popular games of the year.


From the studio behind DishonoredDeathloop have won multiple awards and nominations for its replayability, story, and dynamic gameplay. As the game challenges players to continually take new approaches in order to proceed, Deathloop combines a powerful story, exciting gameplay, and world that is filled endless possibilities.

Destiny 2

The mythical sci-fi game by Bungie encapsulated players with an exciting immersive story and technically smooth gameplay. As Destiny 2 continues to release new content in the form of raids, multiplayer modes, and seasonal quests, players keep coming back with their fireteams organized and ready to explore a vast world filled with endless creative possibilities.

Back 4 Blood

From the creators of Left 4 Dead comes its spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood takes everything great from its spiritual predecessors and reinvents itself as a new fast-paced experience filled with adreline pumping action and horror. With a wide arsenal of weapons and characters, Back 4 Blood brings players a zombie survival experience that is not only nostaglic, but exciting with every minute.

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