Star Wars Outlaws: An Iconic Location From The Original Trilogy

Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft have confirmed that Star Wars Outlaws will feature several planets from the original Star Wars trilogy.

During San Diego Comic-Con 2023, the developer shared a brand-new look at the upcoming open-world game and revealed that players will be able to explore not only new planets but familiar ones like Tatooine (via Eurogamer).

The most exciting thing is being able to go back to iconic locations that people know and love but then diving into the Lucasfilm archives and really bringing them alive in a new but very genuine way, said associate art director Marthe Jonkers.

The development team revealed some work-in-progress screenshots from the game, including a shot of the playable character Kay Viss approaching Jabba’s Palace with the twin suns of Tatooine and the binary sunset in the background. There’s a second shot showing Kay on a speeder on a dirt road, with the palace further in the background, and another which shows a chasm and a Jawa’s Sandcrawler buried in the sand.

“It’s not just about recreating Tatooine as you know it,” explained art and world director, Benedikt Podlesnigg. “Going back to the classic sources of spaghetti westerns, we tried to recreate an authentic mood and feel as we build new points of interest to follow the already established history.”

As Outlaws is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi–when the civil war between the Empire and the Rebellion is at its height–that means crime and outlaws can thrive on the planets.

Star Wars Outlaws is set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in late 2020.

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