Should you pick Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2?

Each playthrough of a biome in Remnant II will provide new areas to explore and fresh choices to be made that will affect the items or secrets you uncover, so you’ll always be needing to consider your options when you approach a crossroads. One of these takes place in Losomn at the end of your journey through the world, asking you to choose to kill either Faelin or Faerin, two gods who insist the other is an imposter. Here’s what to do.

Should I pick Faelin or Faerin?

Let’s get one thing straight out of the gate: Both Faelin and Faerin are imposters who are actively lying to you about their role as the One True King. Because of this, you should feel no remorse for slaying either of them. Which one you choose should really come down to whether the items you receive for doing so will benefit your build and playstyle.

Faelin rewards

Slaying Faelin in the Beautific Gallery will earn you these items.

Imposter’s Heart – Can be traded with McCabe to receive Deceit, a long gun that comes equipped with a mod that conjures three sword fragments that will circle around you for 30 seconds. When melee attacking an enemy, these fragments will unleash on a target and allow all shots from Deceit to temporarily register as weakspot damage.

Faerin’s Sigil – A ring that causes critical and weakspot damage to generate 10% extra Mod Power.

Faelin rewards

Slaying Faerin in the Malefic Palace will earn you these items.

Melded Hilt – Can be traded with McCabe to receive Godsplitter, a melee weapon that comes with a passive that causes critical hits to generate an extra stack of energy.

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