How to Unlock the Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2

There is no shortage of weird and unsettling enemies in Remnant II, and the goal is usually to slay them before they can slay you. However, if you’re looking to unlock the Alchemist archetype, you’ll actually need to go against your better judgment and let an enemy get the best of you for a moment. Here’s how to make it happen.

How to unlock the Alchemist archetype

To find the item required to unlock the Alchemist archetype–the Mysterious Stone–you’ll need to explore one of Losomn’s dank slums looking for massive sewer grates that appear to have been broken open. We found ours in Morrow Parish, but any of these creepy downtown areas will suffice so long as they have the sewer grates.

These sewer grates sometimes house a surprise.

You’ll need to wander around the area and approach these sewer entrances until you’re suddenly grabbed by a hulking monster. This may take a while, as it won’t happen at every opening. When it does, though, you’ll awaken inside a new location where you’ll need to fight this werewolf-esque foe, and defeating it will earn you the Mysterious Stone.

Take the Mysterious Stone back to Wallace in the docks area of Ward 13 and exchange it with him for the Philosopher’s Stone. Equip this item to use the Alchemist archetype, which specializes in using concoctions to buff themselves and the rest of their team. They can even use a skill that briefly protects them from fatal damage.

Here’s how to unlock more archetypes in Remnant II.

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