How to Solve the Harp Puzzle in the Forbidden Grove

If you’ve been exploring the dense forests of Yaesha in Remnant II, you may have stumbled upon a massive river with a gap that you can’t cross. To the right of it is a giant musical machine–a harp, to be precise–which you’ve likely assumed plays an important part in crossing the gap. But solving this mystery won’t be a straightforward process. Read on to figure out how to solve one of Remnant II’s trickiest puzzles.

How to solve the harp puzzle in The Forbidden Grove

When you first come across the giant harp in The Forbidden Grove, you’d be wasting your time trying to solve its puzzle, as you’ll first need to power the machine up. Unfortunately, you can’t do so until you’ve continued through more of the biome.

Continue up the stairs next to the World Stone room nearby until you reach the door to the next section of the biome. Enter inside and continue fighting your way through–potentially even through another area altogether–until you finally find yourself wrapped all the way back around to a new section of The Forbidden Grove.

Pull this lever to power the harp.

In this new section of The Forbidden Grove, you can access a lever near the World Stone room that will power the harp. Afterward, you’ll be able to open a shortcut back to the World Stone, so be sure to rest if you need to, then check out the book in this room.

This book gives you the notes you need to input on the harp, as well as hints as to the spacing needed to play the melody correctly. We’ll give you the exact instructions on how to play the harp’s melody, so be sure to follow them to the letter.

Once you’ve played the melody correctly, the door to the gap will open and you can cross over to the other side. Be sure to take the time to explore the biome further, as there are plenty of secrets to be found.

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