How to Beat Ketheric Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3

available” to you in the dialogue wheel. You can then choose to have her lead your party, or you can have her stay behind. If you choose to have her stay behind, she’ll still fight alongside you, but she won’t be able to use her spells or abilities. You can also dismiss her from your party at any time.Ketheric Thorm’s AttacksKetheric Thorm primarily uses melee attacks. He also has a few spells that he’ll use from time to time. His most common attack is a melee strike that deals moderate damage. He also has a spell that causes a lot of damage over time, and a spell that causes a lot of damage and stuns enemies.Ketheric Thorm’s WeaknessesKetheric Thorm is weak to fire. He’s also weak to cold, and he’s resistant to physical damage. He’s not resistant to magic, however, so you can use magic to damage him.Ketheric Thorm’s StrategyKetheric Thorm will use his spells and melee attacks to try to kill you. He’ll also use his spells to try to keep you from attacking him. He’ll also use his melee attacks to try to keep you from fleeing.Be prepared for his spells and melee attacks, and try to stay alive as long as possible. Use your spells and abilities to damage him, and try to keep him from using his spells and melee attacks. If you can, try to kill him before he can kill you.

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